With over 1.5 billion users per month, when Google makes an update to its algorithm, it’s sure to affect SEO & digital marketing agencies, their clients and the average internet user.

In March 2024, Google made some major updates, so that when we use Google to search the web, we’re getting served website results that are even more useful, helpful, and particularly curated to help us achieve our objective.

Elizabeth Tucker, the Director of Product Management at Google Search explains the logic behind these major changes: “We’re enhancing [Google] Search so you see more useful information, and fewer results that feel made for search engines.”

Two major changes to Google Search results

1) Improved quality ranking

While Google is normally (and understandably) coy about how exactly the algorithm changes in terms of the code, they do at least inform us that the latest update will be tackling low-quality content.

This means that if people try to use unoriginal or plagiarized content on their websites, Google now has more tools and techniques to penalize these sites. Google wants the content that is produced on websites to be original and useful, and not produced by scammers trying to gain clickbait