We just had an interesting “conversation” with ChatGPT.

As you know, XDigitalSEO is a digital marketing agency. One of our areas of expertise is search engine marketing. We help companies worldwide advertise their businesses on search engine results – organically and through paid search adverts.

When ChatGPT got released to the public, a lot of the talk was about how it will affect the current marketing landscape. Will certain marketing tools become redundant?

Marketers started sweating

Let’s use a practical example to understand one of the concerns.

Before ChatGPT, if you were looking for an SEO agency in the USA, you’d have most likely gone to your favorite search engine, and typed in “SEO agency near me” or “SEO agency in the USA”. You’d have been presented with both sponsored and organic results. Google/Bing was happy that you used their search engine. They got paid by the businesses that bought paid search spots. The businesses were happy, because you got a chance to see their ad. You were, somewhat happy, because you had to sift through a whole bunch of search results (and view some ads – nobody likes ads), to work out which SEO agency is right for you. But nonetheless, the search engine gave you a pretty good list of accurate results relevant to your search.

Now that you have access to ChatGPT, which is a highly intelligent conversational AI model (and doesn’t show any pesky ads), you can go to ChatGPT and get all your answers there, right? Surely, you can type in “SEO agency near me”, and you’ll get given the most relevant SEO agency for your business. You won’t have to see irrelevant ads, or even need to sift through a list of search results, because ChatGPT is highly intelligent, and knows exactly which SEO agency is right for you. Correct?

That’s where things get interesting.

There’s no need to sweat

We decided tha