In recent years, the consumption of both podcasts and videos as a form of content has grown significantly. The desire to acquire new information and knowledge is escalating at a rapid rate as the world has shifted online in a significant manner to either learn, work, or play.

Think of your own life and how this has changed since 2020 alone. With the unfortunate onset of the pandemic, we were all confined to our screens to be able to interact and function with the rest of the world. And this bump in usability will not be subsiding completely, not anytime soon, or at all.

But how does this impact SEO (Search Engine Optimization), if at all, you may wonder? Well sit back and let’s take a moment to unpack this.

Content creation. Why is this important?

When focusing on SEO best practices for Podcasts & Videos, it would benefit us greatly to take a moment to also understand the importance of content creation and where this fits into content marketing overall. Think of content marketing as a wheel that needs to keep turning and moving forward. The spokes of that wheel to help propel it forward are Paid, Owned, and Earned Media. This is also known as